Executive Function For Success

Mitigate Procrastination Stress

Does your child struggle with completing assignments on time? Is staying on-task a daily issue?

The executive function program was  designed with you in mind. During this program students will work with their coach to build the framework for academic success. Upon a complete analysis of your child's personality and work habits their coach will create a customized program dedicated to their achievement. 

During the four sessions
you will learn to:
-harness your focus and energy
-use modalities to develop organization
-increase mindfulness to reduce stress
-improve your executive function

Executive Function for Life

The ability to regulate one's behaviour in order to fulfill short-term and long-term goals is one of the greatest indicators of future success. Our executive function program helps students gain the skills necessary to prioritize tasks to ensure that your child is achieving the marks they deserve.

Momentum Sessions

Upon completing the base program students are encouraged to participate in Momentum Sessions. Weekly meetings with their Success Coach helps to maintain consistency and solidifies the application of the skills learned in the base program. 

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The procrastination stops now

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